What does 'dusting' your balances do?

Have some small balances that you can't sell due to the $1 AUD minimum order limit? You will now be able to convert these small balances into fiat currency in one easy click!

Select your 'wallet' at the bottom of the dashboard (home screen).

Pressing this little button will allow you to select which balances you wish to dust or if you would like to do the lot, there is also a select all button. In the example below, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two assets that have been selected to dust.

We do wish to let you know that dusting a balance can only be done for Crypto Assets with a balance of less than $1. Otherwise you are able to make a sell order to liquidate this asset.

Finally please be aware that when dusting an asset it will sell those assets into your default base currency, this could be either USD, AUD or BTC.

Further Questions?
If you have any further questions, or would like a hand dusting your balances, please don't hesitate to get in touch via live-chat.

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