Selling your assets on Swyftx Desktop

Placing the Order

Instant Sell orders are made easy on the Swyftx platform by use of the "Market" order type. This is the default selection when you navigate to any asset's buy page. Once you have reached the page of the asset you want to purchase or sell, you will be presented with two options:

Option 1

You will be able to purchase/sell an exact amount of the asset. An estimated price will be shown calculated based on the quantity you want to purchase/sell. Click the Buy/Sell button and confirm the details of the order.

Otherwise, you can use the percentage based trade bar, as shown below, to easily select how much of the asset you are looking to sell with the balance available on your account. For example, when placing a sell order, if you only want to sell your whole BTC balance, you would select the 100% option and when this order executes, it will sell all of the Bitcoin balance in the account at that time. This option essentially allows you to select a percentage, from the screen, of how much of your asset you wish to use in the trade you are placing.

Option 2

You will also be able to purchase/sell the asset in terms of Australian Dollars (AUD) by inputting the amount you want to spend or sell. An estimated quantity of the asset will be shown calculated based on the amount of AUD you want to spend. Click the Buy/Sell button and confirm the details of the order.

Viewing the Order

Click onto the orders tab to view the order. The order will briefly show as open whilst it is processed on the server. When completed you'll see your balances updated and status change to Filled as well as the final results of the trade.

Selling your assets on our brand new App

Our brand new quick action button in the middle of the screen allows you to take any actions from most screens in the app. From here you can easily access the sell function to sell your Cryptocurrency. To complete this trade, you can simply select the "+" button in the bottom navigation bar, as its shown below.

Once you have, you'll just have to select the red "Sell" button, a search bar will appear for you to find the asset that you are looking to sell and once found, you can select this one from the menu as shown and you will be redirected to the trade page.

Once you have navigated the below page, you can select how much of the asset you are intending to sell by entering it in the "How Much" field or using the slider below this field. Once you have filled out the required fields, you can select the "Review Order Details" button at the bottom, review the details of your order and click confirm, as shown below.

Further Questions

If you would like a hand navigating the sell and trade functions on Swyftx, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support team on the Livechat!

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