Navigating to the Send and Receive pages

There are multiple ways to send and receive cryptocurrency in our new mobile app. You'll be able to find the pages with the appropriate details to complete this transaction by:

  1. Using the Quick Actions on Dashboard;

  2. Using the Action bottom sheet; and

  3. On the individual asset wallet view (that you're wanting to send from or receive to).

How to Receive cryptocurrency

Once you have selected the asset you want to receive, you will see a screen that should present all of the available networks available to use to deposit that asset.

Depending on the network you select, you will see the:

  1. Network deposit address;

  2. Option to view QR Code;

  3. Option to copy to your clipboard; and

  4. Memo or Destination tag to be used for the deposit (only applies to certain networks).

You can use the deposit details available as shown on the screenshot below to send cryptocurrency to your account.

Important: Always be sure to double check the address when you are sending cryptocurrency to your account. Any assets sent to an incorrect address are not recoverable.

How to Send cryptocurrency


Depending on your previous activity, you may see an overview screen that outlines everything you need to know about Sending cryptocurrency from Swyftx. This has been implemented to ensure you understand any verification and security measurements required.

Tip: You can also select the "Don't show me this again" checkbox if you don't want to see this on every deposit. To view this information again, you can simply click on the "i" icon on the next screen.

Security Screen

Sending cryptocurrency from your account is a security risk, and we always want to ensure you are completing this action with full understanding.

You will need to agree that you are not withdrawing to an ICO and have not been contacted with an offer that was to be good to be true.

Withdrawal Screen

On this screen you can see your current daily withdrawal limit, any existing Withdrawal addresses and the option to add new address.

Adding a new address

To add a new address, simply click the "Add New Address" button at the bottom of the Send screen.

Next, as shown above, you'll need to add the following information for the asset you're depositing:

  1. Address name; and

  2. Address.

Once done, click on the "Add" button. This will take you back to the Send screen, where you can see the newly added address in the list.

Withdrawing to an existing address

Click on address in the list. This will take you to the Send screen, where you can:

  • view your wallet balance of the asset you are sending;

  • enter an amount to send based on $ amount of QTY of asset; and

  • provide a reason for the withdrawal (required).

Once this is done, review the Fees and Amount to Send and click "Send to this address".

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions or would like a hand navigating depositing and withdrawing crypto, please don't hesitate to get in touch via live chat.

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