We know that navigating a new platform can be difficult, so we've decided to make the deposit process easy through this article. As a New Zealand customer, at the current moment, you will only be able to deposit from your NZ bank via credit card. Unless you have an Australian bank account already set up, in which case you can deposit via bank transfer through your Australian bank account only.

As a New Zealand customer, deposited funds will be converted to USD as your base currency. All trades will be done against the USD base for the time being. However, there is also option to see the value of your trades in BTC. This can be toggled through the ‘set your default currency’ button at the top of your internet window or app. The option to view trades in AUD is currently being developed for NZ users.


Please navigate to the menu by scrolling through the left-hand column where you can select QUICK DEPOSIT. From the drop-down menu, select DEPOSIT BTC/ETH/XRP. Once here please navigate to the magnifying glass and search for AUD and select this asset as per the below attached image.

Once on this screen you will see the different options to deposit. Please keep in mind deposits via Bank transfer, PayID and POLi are only available if you have an Australian bank account. If you do try these options through your New Zealand account the funds will bounce back and may be delayed returning to you bank due to the international transfer.

Once you select to deposit via credit card it will present you with other important information to consider when depositing via BANXA who is our banking partner for our credit card deposits.

Additionally, you can also navigate to this page by navigating to Assets, underneath Trade on the left-hand menu and scrolling through the list of Assets and selecting Australian Dollars (AUD). This can be done as seen below.

Please refer to our ‘How to deposit via credit card’ or ‘Having issues depositing via Credit Card’ articles for more information:

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions or would like a hand navigating the deposit process from a NZ account, please don't hesitate to get in touch via live chat.

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