Important information: The entity application will be performed from your current Swyftx account. It is not required to make a new account for this process. You will be able to apply for an entity account by following the process below. Please also refer to the individual articles linked below to see which documents will be required when applying for an entity account. If incorrect documents are submitted it may cause delays in your entity account creation.

Disclaimer: There are screenshots and steps to assist you in both our Web/Browser and Mobile App view.

How to apply for an entity account via Swyftx website

On the main dashboard, head over to your Swyftx profile on the sidebar. You will need to click the 'about' sub-option by following the below screenshot.

Once you arrive at the 'about' section you will see the entity application.

After you've selected entity application, to begin the set up process you will have to:

  1. Follow the prompts on the application form - Enter carefully and please ensure you Submit the form after all required fields are filled.

  2. Once submitted, our team will review and be in contact shortly after for any follow-up information. All parties will then be sent an invitation via email to join the new entity account.

  3. Our team will then add their finishing touches to set up the account, completing any necessary compliance processes.

  4. A message will be sent out when the account is ready to go!

Note: Only once all party members have accepted their email invitations, and all accounts are verified users on Swyftx - can your application progress.

How to apply for an entity account via Swyftx mobile app

On the main Dashboard, you will need to press the top left button to access your Swyftx sidebar by following the screenshot below.

Once you arrive on the Swyftx sidebar you will just need to press 'Switch account' which is located just under the name of the account.

Once you have followed that step you will arrive at the account selector section. You will need to press the 'Create entity account' as seen in the screenshot below.

Note: Once the entity has been set up, this is where you will be able to navigate and switch between your new entity account.

From here, you will just need to press 'continue' twice to proceed to the application.

Please refer to the respective articles below to ensure you have all the requirements and appropriate documents to continue with your entity application.

For your convenience, we've attached links below that outline the appropriate required documents when looking to set up each respective entity with Swyftx.

What if someone in my entity hasn't created a Swyftx Account yet?

In the event, you have provided an email address of a Trustee/Shareholder/Director/ Member of your entity who does not at this stage hold a verified Swyftx account. These person(s) will receive emails with prompts directing them to:

  1. Join the entity via an invitation linked in the email content;

  2. An email to reset/set their password, as our system will automatically create them an account; and

  3. A verification email for their newly created account.

Once all three of these emails have been addressed, they will then be able to verify their profile. For assistance with this process, we have also attached a link to our walk-through of the verification process.

Note: All accounts must be verified for our team to establish your entity account.

How can I ensure my application is processed as quickly as possible?

We understand our customers are eager to get started on their account asap! To assist, here are some tips to ensure your application is successful upon submission.

Tip 1: Documents. Referring to the individual articles linked above and ensuring all documents submitted are exactly as requested will ensure your entity application to be processed smoothly.

Tip 2: Take your time. Ensuring you fill out the application form accurately as possible, removes the need for us to follow up with you in the entity account creation process.

Tip 3: Preparation. Getting each party listed on the application form to ensure they check their emails for the appropriate prompts to begin this process, and have a verified Swyftx account on the email address nominated on the application form.

Tip 4: Check your Emails. All correspondence will be made with the account holder the entity application was sent from. In the event you have not heard from us straight away, please don't fret! Sending multiple submissions can affect the progress of your account application, and we will endeavour to touch base with you generally same business day.

Further Questions?
If you have any further questions or if this article didn't help, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the live chat.

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