We've listened to our users and have just introduced the new "Swap" feature so customers can Swap one asset into another instead of having to make 2 different trades.

To use this one, you'll have to select the "Swap" feature, when in any of the functions underneath trade on the left hand menu and simply use the instructions below to complete your asset swap!

What is a swap order?

Put simply, a swap order is an automated process that allows you to sell of an asset and buy another asset in the one trade. For example, if you want to sell your Bitcoin and buy Ethereum, you can use Swap to complete it in one transaction instead of placing two separate orders.

Can I swap any asset?

Yes, you can swap from any cryptocurrency you currently hold on the platform to any other cryptocurrency we actively list. However, if you are using BTC as your base currency here, you cannot swap from an asset to BTC. For more information on this one, please see our article outlining the use of the base currency function here.

Can I swap from fiat-to-crypto or vice-versa?

No, you can only swap from crypto-to-crypto. Swapping from or to fiat is not supported. If you do wish to sell into fiat you can simply execute a sale of the asset you hold here via the "Sell" function underneath trade on the left hand menu.

What fees apply when doing a swap order?

All swap orders executed will incur a 1.2% fee. This fee is charged as you are essentially placing 2 orders here, A sell order, for the asset you are swapping from; and A buy order, for the asset you are swapping to. As both of these orders incur a 0.6% fee each, the total fee for swap orders 1.2%.

You can view the fee breakdown when you confirm the Swap order (see below)

Further Questions?
If you have any further questions relating to swaps, please don't hesitate to contact us via live-chat.

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