If you already have a Swyftx account for your personal trading and wish to set one up for your Entity, you will have to create a new account.

Once setup, you will be able to submit any documents relevant to your entity account.

Click here to see What Documents are needed to Setup your Entity

This can done in the 3 Steps outlined below.

1) Head to the "Sign Up" page, and register your details using a separate email to your personal account.

Unfortunately we cannot permit the same email to be used on this account and your personal account for compliance purposes as they are separate legal entities.

2) You can still use your first and last name, as you will be the operator of the entity being created.

3) When creating the account just input your number and change the last digit (as we don't allow signups with the same phone number).

i.e 0412 345 643 -> 0412 345 644

We will then be able to change the number on our end - allowing you to have the same number on both accounts.

What's Next?

Once created - login to your dashboard, and open the Live Chat option. Select "Send us a message"

Select "Change Account Type", to be connected to a team member in our accounts team, where you will then be able to then attach the relevant documents.

Please let us know via the live chat if you have any questions! 😀

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