Swyftx has introduced Crypto Bundles that you can use to purchase all of your favourites in one simple transaction! These specially curated Bundles are based on the current market trends and figures alongside the available Cryptocurrency assets that Swyftx currently lists.

By clicking on a bundle, you can purchase a combination of Cryptocurrencies in one transaction instead of having to spend the time purchasing each one separately.

Instant Buy

To get started, navigate to the "Bundles" tab on the left-hand side menu as shown below:

From here, click on a bundle that you're interested in purchasing and click on Instant Buy, as shown below.

We currently have several bundles available and it is important to note when executing the order you will have to ensure your purchase meets the required trade minimum of $25 AUD per asset.

Recurring Order

You can also set up your bundle as a Recurring Order that executes on a regular basis to allow you to dollar cost average your way into the market. See our article for more information on Recurring Orders and how to set one up here.

Once you've executed this order, the bundle of Crypto assets will then be credited to your Swyftx wallet balances, allowing you to trade with or hold as you wish!

Setting up a Recurring Order

The fund allocation to each asset can be changed as per your discretion, with the ability to change (field 1), lock (field 2) and delete (field 3) the asset from the current bundle you've selected. You can add more assets or replace assets currently in the bundle.

Once your happy with the final allocation of your recurring order, you may then nominated a deposit amount.

Next, an instruction box will open with the necessary details needed to create the order from your internet banking portal (field 1). Ensure the payment amount is set to the amount indicated in field 2, and use the reference code indicated in field 3.

NOTE: You will also be able to top up your account manually using these details to make an automatic purchase across these assets once the money lands in your Swyftx account.

Once you've included this info into the recurring transfer from your bank, please click the 'I Understand' button. Once pressed, a breakdown of your recurring order will appear.

Sell or Hold as you Please!

Once a recurring order processes you will see the assets appear in your balances on Swyftx, allowing you to manage each independently.

This means you can sell, swap or hold the assets as you see fit!. You don't have to sell your assets as a bundle.


The content provided is informative in nature and provided for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not and should not be construed as professional financial, investment, or legal advice. Application of information or trades placed are taken at your own risk based on your own Due Diligence.

Further Questions?
If you have any further questions about the use of the bundles or need a hand with anything else, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via live-chat.

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