After you've set up a recurring order, you will have to set up a recurring deposit with your bank for the order to execute.

When using the Westpac Internet Banking platform to set up this deposit:

  1. Sign in to your Westpac Online Banking Account.

  2. Select the 'Make a Payment' button on the Overview page.

  3. Select the account you want to pay from.

  4. Select an existing payee or enter the payee's account name, BSB, and account number.

  5. Enter the amount and description/reference details.

  6. Finally, in the payment details section, select the Recurring Payment option and set the parameters for your deposit, i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc. and when this one should begin.

When using the Westpac Mobile Banking app:

  1. Sign in to your Westpac Mobile Banking

  2. Select 'Pay' from the bottom menu

  3. Once you have entered the payment details, select 'When'.

  4. Finally, select how often the payment should be made, i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc. and when this one should begin.

Furthermore, when dealing with Westpac, You can only update the amount of the recurring payment. If you need to change any other details (e.g. payee information, descriptions, frequency), you'll need to cancel and create the recurring payment again with the new information.

The account details that you are looking to send the funds to have been outlined on the recurring orders page, as shown below.

You will have to add the amount you are looking to deposit and reference to use for this order, as outlined in the same area shown in the above image on the recurring order page.

The reference used must be only the reference and no extra characters or words, i.e. if the reference is XHE73E, then the reference entered on your bank's withdrawal page must be 'XHE73E', not 'XHE73e Swyftx' or anything other than the reference provided. Please make sure to double-check this; if the reference is not exact, then the deposit will come through as a regular bank deposit instead of a recurring order.

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