Now that you've set up your recurring order, you will have to set up a recurring deposit with your bank in order for this one to execute.

To set up an Automatic Payment with ANZ, you will have to first have to log into your ANZ internet banking portal and navigate to Pay & Transfer and then Set up automatic payments.

From here, you can choose the account that you wish to set up the automatic payment from and select your Swyftx account bank transfer deposit details from your accounts list of payees via the "Someone on your list" option. If the deposit details on the Recurring order page are not currently in your accounts list of payees, you can select the "A new person or company" option and enter your Swyftx account deposit details as appropriate.

Then, you can enter the amount that you wish to send for each transfer and execute each recurring order for, please ensure that this meets the minimum deposit amount advised on the recurring order page. Then you will be given the option to repeat the payment indefinitely (and if so, on what basis), or until a specific date.

Finally, you will enter the statement details for this one, including the deposit reference which is specified on the Recurring Order deposit page as shown below, along with the BSB, Account number and Minimum deposit amount.

Once all these details ahve been entered and you have double check they are correct, you can click "next". This will show a screen that will display the details again for you to confirm. Once you have confirmed the details, you can select Confirm & Schedule, which will execute this recurring deposit as you have dictated.

(Please note, the reference used must be only the reference and no extra characters or words ie. if reference is XHE73E, then the reference entered on your bank's withdrawal page must be 'XHE73E' not 'XHE73e Swyftx' or anything other than the reference provided. Please make sure to double check this as if the reference is not exact then the deposit will come through as a regular bank deposit instead of a recurring order).

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, or would like a hand navigating the recurring order or recurring deposits process, please don't hesitate to get in touch via live-chat.

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