Now that you've set up your recurring order, you will have to set up a recurring deposit with your bank in order for this one to execute.

First, you'll have to log into your NetBank account. Once in your NetBank account, you'll have to navigate to the Transfers & BPAY tab. Here you can schedule a funds transfer to occur on a future specified date, or dates, rather than the Transfer now option, which provides an on-the-spot transfer.

Once in the Transfers & BPAY tab, you'll be able to schedule a regular bank transfer as per usual. Here you select the account you are looking to Transfer From and then you will add the account details that you are looking to send the funds to which has been outlined on the recurring orders page as shown below.

Furthermore, you will add the amount you are looking to deposit and reference to use for this order, as outlined in the same area shown in the above image on the recurring order page.

(Please note, the reference used must be only the reference and no extra characters or words ie. if reference is XHE73E, then the reference entered on your bank's withdrawal page must be 'XHE73E' not 'XHE73e Swyftx' or anything other than the reference provided. Please make sure to double check this as if the reference is not exact then the deposit will come through as a regular bank deposit instead of a recurring order).

Then, once you have filled out the reference, under When, select the "Set up regular Payments" option. This will allow you to set the frequency with which you intend to make this deposit and execute the recurring order. Here you can select a Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, etc. basis of options for this one to execute and the date on which these ones should begin below this.

Finally, you can select the "Next" button once all required fields are filled. This will show a pop up that confirms the details of the transfer which you can then hit "Pay" in the bottom right to confirm this one.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, or would like a hand navigating the recurring order or recurring deposits process, please don't hesitate to get in touch via live-chat.

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