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About affiliate commission

Set up referral payouts

About affiliate commission

  • Affiliate commission is credited to your Swyftx account in USD after deducting GST.

  • Referral commission revenue is subject to 10% GST in Australia.

  • GST is deducted before the commission is paid for most Swyftx users. This applies to those who refer friends to the platform as a hobby or have a non-GST registered ABN.

  • If you have a GST registered ABN, GST is paid separately as a part of your tax liabilities.

Read more about our affiliate rewards program and commissions.

Set up referral payouts

To set up your referral payouts:

  1. Go to Profile, then Refer a friend.

  2. Select Action is required to receive referral payouts in the Referral link box.

  3. If you have a registered ABN:

    1. Select Yes.

    2. Enter the ABN.

    3. Select if the ABN is registered for GST.

  4. If you don't have a registered ABN:

    1. Select No.

Further questions?

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