Swyftx have a robust security framework in place that ensures we are providing everyday Aussies with the ability to trade Crypto in a safe environment

What do we do to protect our customers from account takeover?

In a digital age where scams, fraud and bad actors are becoming increasingly more prevalent, we understand the need to proactively protect our customers.

Specifically, we implement a wide range of security practices, including:

- using JWT tokens & session expiry;
- offering 2FA account protection;
- checking for breached passwords on other websites;
- consulting with third party security auditors;
- undergoing external penetration testing; and
- implementing a least privileges security model internally.

How do we protect our customers from scams and fraud?

Fraud and scams are issues that specifically plague the Crypto industry due to the irreversible nature of Blockchain. We combat these issues by running 24/7 customer due-diligence programs that require certain accounts to complete various identification checks.

Swyftx also leverages the same dataset and suite of solutions trusted by regulators, law enforcement and payments providers in Australia. By partnering with the world's largest Blockchain analysis company, Chainalysis, we are a top contender for the title of Australia's safest exchange.

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