Why setup a Trust account with Swyftx?

By creating a Swyftx account under your trust's name, you will be able to maximise your profits by taking advantage of our low fees, tight spreads and accurate prices. Couple this with our superior customer service, there's never been a better time to invest using your Trust with Swyftx.

How to Setup an Account in your Trust's name

To register a Swyftx account in your Trust's name, you will need do provide the following:

  • The Trust Deed Summary page(s); and
  • Ensure that all Trustee's and Major Beneficiaries (Who hold a 25% or greater stake in the trust) hold verified Swyftx Accounts.

Additionally, if your Trust has a corporate trustee (aka is linked to your registered Pty Ltd Company), we will also need you to provide:

  • A current company information extract (which is $9 from ASIC); and
  • All major directors (Who hold a 25% or greater stake in the company) to hold verified Swyftx Accounts.

Please note that each beneficiary of the trust will have to create an account with Swyftx and complete the ID verification, regardless of whether the beneficiaries will use this account for personal investment purposes or not. However they will not need to complete any enhanced verification measures and they can disregard the account after the Trust account is setup if they'd like to. Additionally, any beneficiary that is under the age of 18 will not have to create and verify an account with us.

Which account will be used as the Trust account?

This is entirely up to you as we can:

  1. Upgrade your current account to a Trust account (provided it's been funded using Trust associated funds); or
  2. Upgrade an entirely new and separate account to the Trust account that you create; or
  3. Upgrade a Trustee or major beneficiaries account to a Trust account if they don't wish to trade personally.

Where to provide the information
All of this information can be provided by contacting one of our customer support officers in the live chat function and attaching them in the chat using the paperclip icon, as seen below.

Additionally, this information can be emailed to [email protected] along with the details the account was signed up under, such as the name and email.

Once you've set up this new account, please don't complete the ID verification process. Please contact us before this so we can manually verify the account for you. We do not permit 2 accounts to be opened under the same ID.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, or would like a hand navigating the Trust account setup, please don't hesitate to get in touch via live-chat.

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