When it comes to tax season, Swyftx makes logging your cryptocurrency transactions a breeze with our tax report feature!

How do I generate a tax report?

Head over to the about page under profile and hit the download button inside the general tile! See this article on generating a tax report for more detailed instructions.



The date of the event in your local time.


The time of the event in your local time.


Swyftx currently has buy, sell, deposit and withdraw events.

Example: Buying TRX


What asset is the event affecting? There are currently over 100+ assets to choose from on Swyftx!

Example: Selling TRX


The amount of the asset.

BUY: The amount to receive after fees

SELL: The amount to sell

DEPOSIT: The amount deposited

WITHDRAW: The amount withdrawn


What currency the event is based on. Currently Swyftx supports BTC, USD and AUD.


Selling BTC for USD,

Buying XRP with BTC


The amount of currency provided

BUY: The amount to spend

Example: Selling 1 BTC for 9778 USD

SELL: The amount to receive after fees

Example: Buying 100 XRP with 0.002064 BTC


The rate of the transaction, this rate is denominated by the asset.

BUY: 24.64053 USD with 0.002535 BTC at a rate of 0.000102 USD per BTC

SELL: 100 USD with 0.010143 BTC at a rate of 0.000102 USD per BTC

IMPORTANT: The fee is taken out of the asset received so if you would like to calculate and verify the rate make sure you add the fee back to the amount/currency. This value is found in the Fee Amount Column

AUD Value

The value of the trade in AUD at the mid-rate.

Fee Amount

The fee taken from the transaction.

Fee Asset

The fee amount is denominated in this asset. The fee is taken out of the asset received.

Fee AUD Value

The value of the fee in Australian Dollars.


The goods and service tax (GST) is included in the fee. Check out this GST calculator to try out some numbers!

GST = FEE AUD - (FEE AUD รท 1.1)


The value of the fee in Australian dollars excluding GST


Deposited To

The address that the asset was deposited to.

Withdrawn To

The address the asset was withdrawn to.

Withdrawal Fee

The 'mining' or 'network fees' charged to facilitate that asset withdrawal and get it sent across.

Example: There is a 0.0004 BTC mining fee for BTC withdrawals.


Extra information attached to a deposit/withdrawal, this includes BSB for AUD deposits and memo's for Crypto deposits .

Transaction ID

This is a code used to identify a transaction. You can use this to verify with your Bank or Blockchain to verify that Swyftx have received/sent funds correctly.


This is our in-house identification code that is used to identify your transaction.

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