When you log into your Swyftx account the first place we take you is to the Dashboard. This is because it has many helpful tools for using the website and it's trading functions, informative updates and useful tools.

At the very top, you can see the Price Ticker. This shows the Top Movers in the last 24hrs.

In the top right you can see the Base Currency tab, Demo Mode toggle, and button to open a new window.

The Base Currency selector changes what asset you view and execute trades in.

If this is set to AUD, all values are showing in AUD, and trades use AUD to purchase assets and sold asset values are returned in AUD.

Demo Mode allows users to operate a mock account to familiarise themselves with the platform, or simply play around with hypothetical trades. User's should keep an eye out for the yellow & black border placed at the top of the screen that denotes when Demo Mode is active.

The Dashboard also contains links to verify your account, make deposits, complete trades and make referrals. If you need to use any of these functions, simply click the function and below will appear a box with links to complete this action. For example, when you click deposit, in the below box, the option will appear to deposit AUD, Bitcoin or Ethereum, as you can see below.

Next, when you scroll further down the dashboard, you'll be able to see a variety of useful functions including the announcements, portfolio pie-chart and top movers sections. Here you're able to view a variety of different information useful for trading, for example, in announcements you'll be able to see when we are planning on conducting scheduled maintenance, have listed new assets or are introducing new functions, as you can see below.

In addition to this, in this section you're able to view several handy tools we've rolled out to help improve your Crypto experience! 

These include:

  • Your Favourites - this shows the Crypto's you've chosen to keep an eye on by hovering over their name and clicking the little star icon. It shows their recent performance and current values making it easier to keep an eye on your trades or find an advantageous buy or sell point.

  • The Top Movers - this shows the top performing Crypto's recently for you to keep an eye on. It shows their current value and recent performance, making it easier to keep an eye on these assets. 

  • Your referrals - here you can see how many friends you've referred to the platform and it has a link to the Affiliate Dashboard where you can see all the details associated with this function of your account.

  • Your Portfolio - this display demonstrates your portfolios assets in the form of a Donut chart. You can see the value of your portfolio down the bottom and each assets contribution, as a percentage, to this balance here.

  • Your Account Status - this shows the current verification status of your account, the benefits and account functions associated with this, a description of the next level of verification and a link for you to upgrade to the next level below that description.

  • What's new? - this shows all the latest news with Swyftx and Crypto from new assets we've listed, updates on payment processes, new and improved features and how you can stay vigilant so you can stay easily connected with us and informed, especially with the fast paced nature of the Crypto-industry. 

Please see the example below to view these functions on the dashboard.

These are all functions you can use to enhance your experience on our platform as they're all handy tools for decisions on what Crypto's you want to get involved in. 

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, or would like a hand navigating the dashboard, please don't hesitate to get in touch via live-chat. 

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