To view your order history, please navigate to the left hand menu and select Order History. 

From here, you'll be able to see detailed information about your current and past orders. Specifically, you'll be able to identify the order type, quantity ordered, asset, exchange rate at the time of sale, the total price of the transaction, fee and the status of the order.

Want to cancel an open order?

If a trade hasn't yet been executed, the option will appear to cancel the trade in the form of a red box with a white x, as seen below. If you wish to cancel that order just go and click the red box with the x in it and this will erase the order.

Limit/Stop Order didn't execute?

If the price momentarily dropped to your specific rate but didn't execute, there was likely not enough liquidity to fill the order.

Want to see more detailed information about your orders?
Additionally, you can view all your previous orders and account history if you generate a tax report. This will allow you to see all the orders you've made at what exact price, the rate you received when depositing funds into your Swyftx account and also all the unique information required for tax purposes!

Further Questions?
If you have any further questions about finding and navigating the order history of your account, please don't hesitate to contact us via live-chat.

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