This article outlines the steps to Set up your new Ledger Nano S cold storage device.

These devices are essential for securing your crypto in a safe and secure location. If your hardware wallet is lost, stolen or damaged, you can quickly and securely recover all of your crypto assets, as long as you have access to the 12, 18 or 24-word recovery seed.

Step 1. Set up as a new device

  1. Connect the Ledger Nano S to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Your device should display Welcome to Ledger Nano S. Please contact us if the device immediately asks for a PIN code. It may not be safe to continue using this device.

  2. Press the left or right button to navigate through the on-screen instructions.

  3. Press both buttons simultaneously to choose the option Set up as a new device. 

Step 2. Choose your PIN code 

  1. Press both buttons when Choose PIN code is displayed on the device. 

  2. Press the right or left button to choose the first digit of your PIN code. 

  3. Press both buttons to enter a digit. 

  4. Repeat the process until you've entered 4 to 8 digits. 

  5. Select the checkmark (✓) and press both buttons to confirm the PIN code. Use the backspace icon to erase a digit. 

  6. Confirm your PIN code by entering it once more. 

An 8-digit PIN code offers an optimal level of security. Never use a device supplied with a PIN code and/or a recovery phrase. Ledger's customer service team is available in case of doubt.

Make sure you write down your recovery phrase. Your 24-word recovery phrase will now be displayed word by word on the Ledger Nano S screen. The recovery phase is the only backup of your private keys. It will be displayed only once.

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