An Application Programming Interface key (API key) is a unique identifier used to authenticate a user, developer, or calling program to an API. Essentially they can be used to allow someone external access to your Swyftx account on the conditions that you set when creating the key.

When creating the key you can choose different parameters that will allow someone to use the key only under specific circumstances. For example, someone may use an API Key and have access to your account purely for the purpose of generating a tax report. When creating the key there are processes you can use, as explained below, to stop from them from buying, selling, withdrawing and depositing with your account.

These options are all made clear when creating the key. To create the key, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Profile tab on the left hand menu of your Swyftx dashboard and then click API Keys, as seen below.

2. Once here, please read the warning and then click I understand. Then, click Create New Key in the manage box as shown below.

3. Then enter a label for the key in the same field as circled below to allow you to keep track of this key.

4. Next you will be asked to set the scope of the API Key. Be careful when choosing the parameters in this area as this determines what the person using the key will be able to do with your account. Only tick the boxes that you want the user to be able to use your account for. For example, if under account you only tick Balance, Tax Report and Read, the user will only be able to use your account to view your balance, generate a tax report (which is handy for accountants) and read the details attached to your account. If you hover the mouse over the permissions it will explain what every permission allows. Please see the below for an example of the permissions offered.

5. Finally, to create the key, you'll be required to input the password to your Swyftx account, as seen in the box below.

Once the key is created you will be given an API Key and an Access Token. The API Key can be used to create access tokens and we generate the first one there for you - these do expire. Please find an example below. 

Once you've generated the key you can use it for whatever purpose you'd like.

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