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About dusting

How to dust small balances

About dusting

Do you have some small balances that you can't sell due to the $1 AUD minimum order limit? If you do, convert these small balances into fiat currency with dusting.

Things to know about dusting:

  • When you dust an asset, it sells into your default base currency. 

  • You can dust your account once every 24 hours. 

  • All dusting has the same tax implications as a regular trade and is shown on the tax report.

How to dust small balances


1. Go to Wallet, then select the dusting brush.

2. Select the assets you want to dust.

3. Select Dust assets.


1. Go to Balances in the Menu and select Dust Balance.

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2. Select the assets you want to dust, then select Dust.

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Further questions?

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