Swyftx currently supports the deposit of all assets (except USD). To deposit Crypto into your Syftx account, please navigate to the Trade Tab > Search for the Crypto you wish to deposit > Deposit Menu.

From here, you will see your specific asset address which you can use to send Crypto into you Swyftx account. To ensure that you don't accidentally mistype your address, we recommend copying the address to your clipboard which you can do by clicking the blue icon next to the address and then clicking the copy button.

What if the address is not listed?
Whilst we are working very hard on creating automated deposit addresses for all of our Crypto's, currently we only support automated deposits for specific Crypto's. For assets that don't have an address listed, we provide you with a manual deposit button. 

Once pressed, you will need to follow some instructions to receive a deposit address which you can use to send your Crypto too. Please ensure that you follow the prompts till the end to ensure that our developer team is aware of your incoming deposit.

Further questions?
If you have any further questions on how to deposit Crypto to your Swyftx account, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us via live-chat.

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