Being an Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange, we are required, by law, to ID verify all of our customers that are planning to deposit or withdraw AUD on our platform. Here at Swyftx, we are proud that we provide our customers with an ID verification system that is both fast and hassle-free. 70% of our users who verify do so within 2 minutes of creating their account.

In order to complete the initial verification of your account, please navigate to the Profile Tab > Verification. 

From here, you will need to verify your email, phone number and identity. 

To verify your email, please select the 'Verify Now' button. You will be sent an email to verify this email address so please check for this email and click the 'Confirm my account' button. (Please also check for this email in your junk folder)

To verify your phone, please select the 'Verify Now' button. You will be sent a text message containing a 6 digit code. Please input this code into the 'Verification Pin' field and then hit 'Verify'.

After successfully verifying your email address and phone number, you can now move onto the identity verification section. For this section you will need your identity documents handy. Please carefully ensure that the details you enter into this section match those on your identity documents. 

After entering your details, you will then be prompted to enter your information from your identity documents. From here, you will now have completed your initial ID verification on your account as per the screenshot below. 

Further Questions?
If you are having trouble verifying your account or would like some more information on your obligation to do so, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us via the live-chat!

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