Withdrawals can be made by navigating to the Withdraw AUD menu and then clicking the '+' button.

From here you will be able to add in your bank account details.

Once added, you will receive an email that specifies your bank account details. (Please read over this email to spot any errors)

Please click the 'Confirm Address' button. You can now navigate back to the Withdraw AUD Tab on Swyftx and press the little blue hand icon to enter a withdrawal amount. 

After clicking this icon, you can input how much USD you wish to withdraw. Mining fees do not apply to AUD withdrawals and will therefore be set at 0.

If you're wondering why you have to input a USD amount, AUD is automatically converted to USD when using Swyftx to give you low fees, the tightest spreads and the best prices. More information on why we do this can be found here: https://help.swyftx.com.au/en/articles/2087814-aud-usd-conversions-important.

Withdrawals not working?
If you have received a message that states: 'USD withdrawals are currently disabled for your account'. Please get in touch with our friendly support team, it's likely that you will just need to complete one of our KYC verification's. Instructions on how to complete this verification can be found here.

Further Questions?
If you have any further questions or if this article didn't help, please let us know via live chat. 

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