Swyftx offers four methods of depositing AUD: Bank Transfer, POLi, BPay, and PayID.

Bank Transfer

Benefits: Each bank account is it's own unique account, meaning that banks can't track or shut down your account. Because it's a unqiue account, you also don't have to mention anything to do with crypto in your transfer.
Deposit Times:
 Instant from OSKO bank accounts, or 2-6 business hours from other accounts. Non OSKO transfers are checked at approximately 9am, 12noon, 3pm, 6pm, 8pm, and 10 pm AEDT on every banking business day.


Benefits: Is an instant deposit method that works with a lot of banks.
Deposit Times: POLi deposits are credited and tradable within a minute, however the funds will be locked from withdrawals until the deposit clears. See here for more information 


Benefits: BPay is a deposit method familiar to a lot of people, commonly used to pay bills. BPay has error checking built in which makes it easy to send to.
Deposit Times: 4-8 business hours -  checked at approximately 12noon, 5pm and 9pm AEDT on every banking business day.


Benefits: Deposits are almost instant and more banks are supporting it over time.
Deposit Times: Almost instant. Some banks may delay the first PayID you make for up to 24 hours though, particularly Commonwealth Bank.

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