1. Check amount and bank support

POLi is a payment processor that instantly notifies Swyftx of a successful bank transfer. When you start a payment with the POLi deposit option, you'll be asked to chose an amount you'd like to deposit. Please also confirm that your bank is shown in the supported banks list.

2. Chose your bank

Next, you'll be asked to chose which bank you bank with, go ahead and chose yours.

3. Login to your account

Once you've chosen your bank, you'll be asked to enter your Internet Banking login details. POLi uses these details (which it does not store, capture or save) to automatically enact a once off bank transfer to Swyftx. You can read more about the security of the transaction here: POLi Security

4. Chose your account

POLi will show you a simple drop down off accounts that you own, select the account you'd like to use to send your deposit to Swyftx.

5. Confirm the transaction

The final steps is to confirm the details of the transaction. You'll see the amount, who you're paying (Swyftx), which account you're paying from and depending on your bank, you may be prompted for 2FA authorization. As long as you're happy with that information, you can go ahead and complete the transaction.

Because POLi is conducting this payment via your bank automatically, it's able to reliably notify Swyftx that a transfer has been sent, enabling us to instantly approve your deposit, even though we won't actually receive your funds to our bank account for up-to 1 business day following the transfer. For this reason, Swyftx will for a short period of time limit your withdrawal capabilities until we receive confirmation of your funds clearing to our bank account.

Please note, that some banks may discourage the use of services like POLi due to the nature of how the payment system works. Swyftx recommends you fully understand the risks and make your own independent decision about using the POLi pay deposit method before proceeding. Swyftx also offers PayID & OSKO Bank Transfer deposit methods which are also instant.

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