This article is strictly for if you still have access to your device and to the Google Authenticator App.

If you have lost your phone or upgraded to a new one, there are multiple ways that you can reset your 2FA on your Swyftx account.

We have an extensive article which outlines the process of resetting your two-factor authentication. Link provided below:

If you still have access to your device and your Google Authenticator codes are not working, you can force the app to re-synchronize your time.

To do so, open the Google Authenticator App

  1. Click the menu button (3 vertical dots)

  1. Click Settings

  1. Click Time correction for codes

  1. Click Sync now

You can now try to use your 2FA codes again.

For more information, you can visit the Google help article on 2FA and time sync here:

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