There are several factors that can cause a PayID deposit to not be received instantly by Swyftx. Please check each of the following in order:

  1. Check your deposits: Head to and check to see if your deposit is listed in the recent deposits table. It may be in a pending state, which means it will be credited shortly.

  2. Has it been one minute? Although 99% of PayIDs deposits are transferred immediately, there can be up to a minute delay before your bank notifies us of the deposit. Give it a few seconds and check again, it should turn up.

  3. Is your bank holding the deposit? As part of their fraud prevention efforts, some banks (CommBank especially) will hold on to the first PayID deposit you make. The size of the deposit may determine how long they hold the funds for with delays of 24 hours possible with large deposits. Calling your bank may help expedite the deposit, but they may not be able to doing anything to speed it up for you. To avoid this delay, we recommend sending a smaller initial deposit of $100 or less, and once that deposit has been processed, you can send your full amount which should be processed immediately

  4. Still haven't got your deposit? Start a conversation with live chat and we'll help you out.

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