PayID is an instant deposit method available on Swyftx.

PayID deposits are sent using our PayID Email address and a CRN. Both of these will be provided to you when you generate a new PayID Deposit Address via the deposit tab for AUD

To make a new deposit

  1. Log into your bank
  2. Create a new payment via PayID (or "pay someone using email address").
  3. Enter in the email address found on the deposit screen.
  4. Copy and paste in the CRN (also found on the deposit screen) to the description field. Please ensure that only the CRN numbers are pasted into the description field. Anything else in there will cause the transaction to be refunded back to your account.
  5. Finally, enter the amount you want to send and complete the transfer

Bank Specific instructions

Please note

Although PayID is much faster than using BPay to deposit your funds, your bank may impose a limit on how much you can send - typically around the $1000 mark. If you want to deposit more than this limit, we suggest first depositing as much as your bank allows via PayID, and then sending the remaining amount via BPay.

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