OCO (Order-Cancels-Order) orders are not yet fully supported on Swyftx. Having said that, the trading engine has been designed to allow you to place multiple orders even if the current balances wouldn't allow for the order to complete. You can still place Limit Buy, Stop Loss and Take Profit orders all simultaneously, however they will not yet cancel each other, so you need to make sure that you manage your orders and cancel the ones that you no longer need/want. If an order is triggered and the available balance isn't in your account, the order will fail and need to be re-placed.

Take a look at the below example of a Buy Order with a Stop Loss and Take Profit set.
NOTE: Always limit your order on the asset you're trading rather than your base currency to make sure you buy/sell the same amounts regardless of prices - you'll see below the * is on POWR for all assets.

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