Swyftx support stop sell orders, otherwise knows as a "Stop Loss". You can place these orders by clicking on the asset you want to place the stop on, click the sell tab, then click the "Stop" option. Set the price that you want to be stopped out at (if the price drops below this your asset will sell) and then enter the amount of the asset to stop (either the qty of the asset or qty of what the asset is worth at the trigger price). Click the Sell button and confirm the order details.

In the example below we have elected to sell 0.5 BTC for approximately 5,000 AUD if the price of Bitcoin drops below 10,000 AUD/BTC.

NOTE: Stops are placed as market orders with the liquidity providers when Swyftx determines that the sell will be filled as close as possible to the rate provided for the trigger. If the market is in free fall, you may not get the exact price you were expecting.

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