You can view the most up-to-date version of our fee structure by visiting our fee page,

In a nutshell, Swyftx was founded with the vision to bring low fees and low spreads across a huge variety of coins and tokens to fellow Australians. Swyftx will always have the best prices thanks to liquidity sourced from other global exchanges. All trades are executed at market value meaning lowest possible spreads between buy/sell prices and you'll always get the most bang for your buck. This does come at the expense of not offering fixed price quoting, however the trade estimates are calculated using order book depth so will always be as accurate as possible.

Deposit and withdrawal fees are charged on fiat transfers under $200 due to the increased cost involved in working with existing financial institutions that handle the funds. These fees are in place only to cover costs that Swyftx incurs and no profits are made from these fees. Charging once off fees on deposits and withdrawals means it is not necessary to re-coup the costs off everyday trades or increased spreads.

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