We know that security can be an important feature when investing, so we made a few suggestions below about different steps you can take that can help you better protect your assets!

What can you do to best secure your Swyftx account?

Multi-factor Authentication / 2FA Enabled

The use of 2FA/MFA is the biggest upgrade you make to your account security straight away! This essentially enables an additional security measures that will generate a new code on your chosen device to be entered each time when logging in. Please use the following links for more information on what is 2FA / MFA, and how to set it up on your Swyftx account.

Check for Updates

Ensure your computer has up-to-date anti-virus. The device that you're using to access the platform should always be up to date. Frequently, browsers will update their client and versions to accommodate various updates. In the fast moving space of the internet, security starts at your device. We recommend to always update your browsers, hardware and software to ensure you're using most recent versions as to benefit from the best possible protection.

Update your Passwords

Use a secure password that is unique to other services you use - Swyftx will force a certain password policy on you, however you are always ultimately responsible for the sensibility of your passwords. The best, most secure password would contain a string of up to 15-20 characters. Consider that using any phrases, words or very easily identifiable words associated with your life and person could be a risk, and that your password should ideally contain both upper and lowercase characters, symbols and numbers. It is also advisable to consider using a Password Manager. Swyftx can recommend LastPass or BitWarden as verified, trusted password managers.

Review the URL First!

Always check the URL you are visiting is https://swyftx.com which if, for example, you are visiting the site from Australia it will redirect to https://swyftx.com/au/ . You can confirm this is the correct site as it will show a closed lock icon in the URL bar (usually on the left hand side of the URL).

Think Twice Before Clicking Links!

Be careful clicking links in emails that may appear to be from Swyftx but are in fact not. You can check the sender address and make sure it matches @swyftx.com.au.

Do not send tokens or coins to "free giveaways" or "once in a lifetime ICO" offers. Do your own research. Validate any competitions that are being hosted by Swyftx with our team. Swyftx recommends that you confirm any detail within the Swyftx Official LiveChat. The team at Swyftx are aware of all competitions and will be able to validate this for you, so please touch base with us; we'd love to hear from you.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions relating to the security of your account, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team via live-chat.

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