Swyftx supports the simple ability for it's users to buy and sell instantly at the current price, provided there are sufficient and willing buyers or sellers. Don't worry, Swyftx sources billions of dollars worth of buyers and sellers from global exchanges. The bigger the order the more people have to be "willing" to fill the order, which will essentially push the average purchase cost up (contrary to traditional thought that the more of something one buys the better discounts they will get).

Some of our competitors will offer a fixed price for up to 60 seconds assuming less than a certain amount of that coin/tokens are purchased. In order to offer this "fixed price" they will increase the advertised buy rate and charge the most expensive amounts to cover risks they take in offering the fixed price, ensuring they don't lose out. Swyftx is different, we'll allow you to purchase with no limits and calculate the average cost to acquire that amount. We won't guarantee the amount, but rest assured it is calculated as accurately as possible. This ensures Swyftx never overcharges or undercharges you, and you'll always be getting the best possible deal. Generally, market orders can be filled almost instantly at a price that is very similar to the most recent posted price available to the investor.

NOTE: If an asset is undergoing a high volatility period you may find that the estimated prices are less accurate.

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